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Thermal 6005 Series

Thermal Management Materials (6005 Series)

Thermal Conductive Grease,
Heat Transfer Compound, Paste.

The 6005 Material – a heat sink compound formulated with select polydimethy siloxane fluid in combination with metallic oxide fillers to provide superior thermal conductivity.

This product is designed for use as a heat transfer compound in both the electrical and electronic industries. Characterized by high thermal conductivity, high dielectric constant, and high dissipation factor, the 6005 Heat Transfer Compound is an ideal product for use in power diodes, transistors, semi-conductors, and other applications that require these characteristics. The 6005 material exhibits excellent long-term storage stability without oil separation.

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*High thermal conductivity *High dielectric constant *High dissipation factor
*Use with heat sinks or metal chassis *Will not dry or harden


6005 Material has a shelf-life of eighteen (18) months from the date of manufacture, as indicated by the lot number, when stored in the original unopened container at or below 26OC


Material 6005



Color White Visual
Bluk penetration 210-260
Specific Gravity 2.30 +/-0.2 g/cm3 ASTM D792
Volatile matter <0.5% after 4h/200o C oC
Bleed No bleed after 4h/200oC oC
Dielectric Strength 1.0KV @ 0.1mm KV ASTM D-149
Volume Resistivity 1×1014 Ohm-cm. ASTM D-257
Thermal Conductivity 3.6 W/m-k ASTM D5470