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Thermal 6004 Series

Thermal Management Materials (6004 Series)

This material exhibits very high thermal conductivity. In addition, this material exhibits high compressibility and natural adhesiveness. It is excellent for applications where electrical insulation and thermal conductivity is needed.

The exceptional ability of this material to conduct heat away from sensitive components makes it applicable for use in very heat sensitive applications. The 6004 is an excellent high-level thermal conductive interface material.


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Material 6004



Color Dark Gray Visual
Thickness 0.13 – 15 mm ASTM D374
Specific Gravity 2.28 +/-0.2 g/cm3 ASTM D792
Hardness 20 +/-5 Shore A ASTM D2240
Elongation 130 +/-13 % ASTM D412
Tensile Strength 8 +/-2 Kgf/cm2 ASTM D412
Weight Loss <1 % @204oC/24 hr.
Dielectric Breakdown (V) >7.0 KV ASTM D149
Surface Resistance 1017 Ohm ASTM D257
Temperature Continuous -50 to +220 oC
Flame Raring 94V-0 UL UL
Thermal Conductivity 3.2 W/m-k ASTM D5470

Test Sample Thickness: 1.5mm


Thermal Resistance vs. Pressure (Gray)

The 6004 material provides low thermal impedance; with increasing pressure, thermal impedance becomes lower.

Deflection vs. Pressure (Black)

The 6004 material, exhibits high deflection (softness); as pressure increases the deflection percentage increases. This material provides good compliance to mating surfaces.

Sample of the 6004 material