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Form-In-Place Gaskets



HSG’s Form-in-Place gaskets meets the growing demand for smaller gasket profiles on mechanically tight tolerance areas for a variety of metal and plastic housings. Our software driven automated gasket dispensing system delivers a custom programmed precise bead of conductive elastomer to narrow flanges or edges as small as 0.030 in (0.762 mm).

The bead is ideally placed on  compartmentalized housings, cellular handsets, pc cards, and a variety of other mechanically tight, real estate challenged, products. Quick prototyping and short to medium production runs is our specialty.


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Form In Place 01The robotic bead location holds a pattern positional accuracy to 0.004″  in the X, Y, and Z axis dimensions; repeatability of each axis is 0.002″. The vacuum tooling plate bead dispense area for the X and Y axis is 17 inches by 14 inches respectfully. The Z axis dispense area has a range of 3.5 inches. If a bead is needed to be dispensed on a part that is over the travel dispense area of the machine, part rotation and dispensing of a second bead path, after the first bead path, can be done to complete the gasket.

The dispensed gasket can compensate for uneven surfaces in castings and molded parts to provide a consistent, highly reliable, seal. Our system offers technologically advanced features such as Mass Flow Calibration for reliable bead delivery, and an automatic targeting offset camera vision system with pattern recognition system for identification of local and global fiducials. The vision system compensates and corrects for part to part misalignment within the calibrated vision area.