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Teaser Shortcode

Normal Teaser

Nested Teaser

Centered Teaser


[teaser heading="" style="" column=""]
	[block title="Teaser 1" icon="" link=""]Teaser content goes here[/block]
	[block title="Teaser 2" icon="" link=""]Teaser content goes here[/block]


  • heading: The accordion heading text, leave empty if you don’t expect to display the heading.
  • style: The teaser blocks stylw, available: normal, nested and centered.
  • column: The teaser blocks column, available: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5
  • block: The teaser block, you can add multiple block.
    • title: The teaser title.
    • icon: The teaser title icon, you can see the available icons here.
    • link: The teaser link destination URL.