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Google Maps

Google Map Shortcode


[gmap type="" address="" lat="" lng="" zoom="" pancontrol="" zoomcontrol="" maptypecontrol="" width="" height=""]Popup content goes here[/gmap]


  • type: The map type, available: HYBRID, ROADMAP, SATELLITE and TERRAIN
  • address: The map address.
  • lat: Latitude coordinate (between -90 and 90).
  • lng: Longitude coordinate (between -180 and 180).
  • zoom: Zoom level number between 0-20.
  • pancontrol: 1/true to enable the pan control or 0/false to disable it.
  • zoomcontrol: 1/true to enable the zooming control or 0/false to disable it.
  • maptypecontrol: 1/true to enable the map type control or 0/false to disable it.
  • width: The map width.
  • height: The map height.