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Air Filters

HSG’s commercial grade air filter is designed to be a cost effective solution for our customers while still providing the quality expected from a military grade manufacturer. This commercial air filter is different from other panels manufactured by MAJR Products Corp. in that its use is primarily for air filtration and flow, rather than EMI/RFI

  • Rugged frame
  • Cost effective
  • High air flow
  • Replaceable filter media


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Standard Media Types for Metal Frame Filters

  • Woven Wire Cloth Calendared wire cloth between a protective grill that can be used in wet or dry environments. The separate layer construction increased dust holding capability and is easily cleaned with a vacuum or mild detergent solution.

  • Slit and Expanded Aluminum Easily cleaned media that can be provided oil coated or dry depending on its application. It’s possible to calendar this media to fit different sizes of filter frame types.

  • Polyester A syntheitc media which is very durable. This media is flame retardant and mosture resistant. Polyester media has a high dust holding capacity.

  • Polyurethane A cost effective media that is light and flexible. This media is washable and available in a variety of thicknesses.

  • Polypropylene Petroleum based and abrasion resistant. This media is also resistant to most acids, solvents and bleaches. Polypropylene material is also an FDA approved material.

  • Fiberglass This is an economical media with increased density which allows for greater dust handling.

Our filters are custom made to your size and specification. Contact us today with your air filter requirement and see what HSG can do you for.